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A long-term collaboration to build an iconic brand culture in the long run

We have developed during several years, a deep long-term relationship based on trust and performance, that allowed us to bring the brand back to its iconic aura in the culture of today, showcasing authenticity and high-end product features, around the statement “Move your Lee”, empowering feminity, style, self confidence & commitment.
We have conceived and crafted all the creative assets for the brand through multi-channels during more than 6 years for European market, and raise the papy-old-style brand to a cutting edge denim panoply of the contemporary style.

Role: Creative, art direction, photographer
In collaboration with John Israel / Satisfaction, Samantha Hendlisz, Thierry Tonnes, Julien Diels, Marie Doyen

Director & photographer: John Israel & NAm Simonis
Photographer assistant: Robin Emilien
Dop: Alex Bergman
Production: Satisfaction / Cream
Producer: Ariane de Siron