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Making of


Suffering from a grandma’s kitchen perception by a larger audience, but still used in many well-known cocktails by bartenders as a premium taste enhancer, we were asked by Cointreau to put back the legendary liquor at the forefront of the cocktail culture.

Our idea was to illustrate the principle of Cointreau - to turn ordinary into extraordinary - by showing people mixing together as ingredients of a cocktail recipe, and therefore showing cocktails as a dance.

This global campaign (US, EU, ASIA) launched in spring 2018, was shooted in the legendary Los Angeles, the land of the musicals, Beverly Hills, Paramount Studio, West Hollywood with fabulous talents and internationally acclaimed choreographer to turn more of 10 cocktails recipe into dance!

Role: Creative, art direction, campaign photographer
In collaboration with John Israel / Satisfaction
Dop: Donte Lee
Choreographer: Tracy Philips, Denna Thomsen
Agency: Satisfaction